Chemistry, Collaboration and Career Development

May 08, 2019
Bistra Lutz,
Security Operations Manager
at Penn Medicine

Chemistry, Collaboration and Career Development

There’s something to be said for chemistry, and that something is that it makes all the difference. Bistra Lutz and Ashling Team’s founder Colleen Lennox connected a couple of years ago when she was casually looking for a new career opportunity. And although the timing and opportunity they collaborated on wasn’t right, the chemistry between the two professionals was spot-on. So now more than two years later, Bistra is excitedly beginning a new job at Penn Medicine (facilitated by Ashling Team!).


When Did You First Connect with Ashling Team?

“Two years ago, I connected with Ashling Team’s founder Colleen Lennox through LinkedIn, but I was unsure just how seriously I was looking for a new opportunity. So, it was reassuring that she was focused not only on presenting me with the right opportunity, but also presenting me to the right opportunity."

“Colleen was very specific with details about the job she thought I should consider, as well as the company and its culture. I knew what to expect upon interviewing since she had so thoroughly prepared me. And although it ultimately wasn’t the right fit— she kept me updated throughout the scheduling and decision-making process. She wanted to understand how I felt about the experience and asked for my thoughts along the way.”

“Since that time, Colleen has stayed in touch with me— regularly checking-in regarding how things are going, both professionally and personally, which is unusual for a recruiter. She’s taken the time to get to know me, my interests and my goals. It’s never been her or Ashling’s objective to make just any opportunity happen for its clients, but rather the right one.  Colleen has always been discerning about the positions she discusses with me.”

What’s Unique about Ashling Team?

“Ashling’s team members embody Colleen’s personalized approach to career development and advancement in the cybersecurity field.  The team is a reflection, an extension, of her perspective and professionalism. Colleen is a genuine person and professional and, therefore, she attracts colleagues who exemplify integrity, professionalism and kindness.”

“Ashling Team not only stays connected with you but committed to and invested in you.  The firm’s approach is about ensuring an optimal fit for both you the professional, and the company— from timing and growth, to culture.”

“Matchmakers within the cybersecurity field— Ashling Team doesn’t pair candidates with companies, but people with teams.” Bistra Lutz

And since Ashling has longstanding relationships with its client companies, the firm offers valuable insight into the employer, so there’s no mystery when walking into an interview. “From the person with whom I’d be interviewing, to the ‘personality’ of the department’s staff and professional environment— I had an appreciation of the full picture.”

What’s the Value of Ashling Team’s Community?

“Ashling Team is also different for it offers an online social network specific to information security.  The questions posed open discussions amongst professionals with various levels of experience in the industry. There’s so much relevant, current information here in the Ashling Team cybersecurity community site.”

“And considering we’re all inundated with communications and messaging, it’s nice that the exchanges and information in the Ashling Team community are specific to cybersecurity. Members can offer and seek relevant information that’s backed by professional expertise. Receiving regular e-mails and posts from this niche professional audience creates a sense of belonging.”

Why Partner with a Niche Recruitment Firm Like Ashling?

“Ashling Team specializes (solely) in cybersecurity, which is unique so they’re adept at recognizing which opportunities and professionals are a likely fit. As such, partnering with one is an advantage.  Some say there’s a shortage of cybersecurity professionals; however, I think it’s a lack of understanding infosec. positions and an inability of recruiters and hiring managers to see beyond buzz words. This isn’t the case with Ashling Team though.”

“You can create algorhythms with key words to find a candidate, but that’s only half the job.  Ashling Team knows the lingo, so they speak the ‘same language’ as it relates to skills, certifications, and experience, as well as how it all translates to different roles across various industries— from healthcare, to finance. This also enables Ashling to skillfully identify and propose next steps to help you realize your professional aspirations.” 

How Did Your Current Opportunity Come About?

“When Colleen checked-in with me a few months ago, I wasn’t technically in the market for a new job, but she had a great opportunity at what happened to be a great time for me to consider making a change. From there, she thoroughly talked through the position and the dynamics of the team, as well as the culture of the department and company. And, she explained the ‘who’ and ‘what’ the company was looking for in a person to fill the role.”

“Cybersecurity work is based upon trust and teamwork, so feeling confident about the integrity of a company’s culture is essential. And having invested the time, energy and interest in me and my goals over the past few years, Colleen recognized that this was a good opportunity for me to explore.”

“Colleen assured me it was a good fit and considering the relationship I’ve had with Ashling over the past few years—I felt confident about taking the time to consider and ultimately pursue it.” Bistra Lutz

Would You Recommend Ashling to Colleagues?

“I’m regularly inundated with connection requests from recruiters, and the differences between them and Ashling is obvious. In comparison, Ashling is not only more responsive, but Ashling is more communicative and, most importantly, they follow-through, and then they follow-up.”

“I regularly refer colleagues to Ashling for I trust they’ll thoroughly evaluate and collaborate with individuals on a fit.  Ashling Team has an appreciation for how a person may pair with a particular role within a certain environment and culture.”

“A co-worker’s husband was looking for a new opportunity and experiencing some challenges in doing so.  I referred him to Ashling because I knew they would give him the attention he needed and deserved. And not surprisingly, Ashling presented him with an opportunity for which he was hired. His wife even sent me a note of thanks for connecting her husband with Ashling!”

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