How-To Be a Memorable, Impactful Mentor

May 31, 2019

Mentoring Best Practices

To be a mentor is to be more than a kind person, a seasoned professional or even a generous personality. To be a mentor is to be an educator and motivator. And to be a mentor takes more than just giving time and attention. If you're inspired to help fellow cybersecurity professionals enhance and advance their careers and, subsequently, further their impact on the industry, then consider mentoring and 'employing' the following tips and tactics.

  • Be a Good Listener.  Don’t start to answer the question, even in your head, before the person finishes talking.

  • Pair Experience with Suggestions.

  • Network. In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In career advancement, it’s network, network, network. Network, Network, Network

  • Connect with Your Mentee. Discuss how to stay in touch— text, private message (via the Ashling community), LinkedIn, or e-mail, or scheduled in-person meet-ups.

  • Talk Through the Motivators. Pose the five “whys” (cause and effect) to start the conversation, and establish a direction and plan.

  • Emulate favorable approaches and practices of your own mentor(s).

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