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    Jun 17, 2019

    Partnering with a recruiter is like signing with a pro team. That’s why Ashling Team senior recruiter Olivia Byrne advises thinking of your recruiter as your (career) coach. “A recruiter’s purpose is to position you for success. Helping you achieve your end-game is that professional’s goal. She/he is there to help you score the perfect opportunity, at the right time,” explains Byrne. 

    “A strong recruiter, like a good coach, invests time and energy to foster a rapport with you and to gain an understanding of your skills, capabilities and goals,” Byrne continues. “In turn, you need to be honest with her, and yourself, regarding your past job experiences, objectives and ‘must-haves,’ including work environment, travel, salary ranges and equity packages,” she emphasizes. Doing so ensures the experience is a win-win.

    A seasoned recruiter helps you create a game plan that plays to your strengths, capitalizes on your ‘personal bests,’ and fuels your ambition to ultimately help you realize your professional aspirations. “Remember, your recruiter is on your team and she’s rooting for you. She’s there to coach you through the planning, applying and interviewing process.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions,” adds Byrne.


    Careers are a game of strategy and endurance. And a recruiter can be a game changer. So Byrne encourages being direct with your recruiter about your motivations and expectations from the start. And, be a team player— responding to e-mails and calls in a timely manner, so you don’t miss an opportunity or an update. “This way, you’ll increase the likelihood of being contacted about the opportunities that most closely align with your desired career trajectory,” Byrne explains. “You’re busy enough and the game is challenging enough without being inundated with irrelevant job opportunities.”


    Interested in 'scoring' a new career opportunity, or increasing your odds of landing a new position, Ashling is at-the-ready to help. Just message Olivia Byrne here in the community, or e-mail olivia@ashlingteam.com. 

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