Take 5... Tips to Avoid Internship Hardship!

Jul 09, 2019


This summer, you probably have interns and apprentices in your workplace. These young professionals are neither 'runners,' nor are they 'baristas.'  So optimize an aspiring professional's experience (and your own!) by taking these five suggestions into consideration:

  1. Prepare projects in advance, so she/he can hit the ground running. And be sure to disucss when and how you'll be available to help and provide feedback. Preparing is respectful of everyone's time and, ultimately, creates a more productive experience. 
  2. Be a good listener.  Don’t start to answer questions, even in your head, before the person finishes talking.
  3. Be honest, but constructive and kind.  An intern in on-site to learn and the experience will be filled with many 'firsts,' so the ball will likely not be hit out of the park every time.
  4. Encourage and facilitate networking opportunities. In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In career development, it’s network, network, network. Invite interns to meetings, conferences and other networking events.
  5. Model behaviors and emulate the attitudes of people who have inspired and supported you throughout your career, particularly when you were just starting out.

Think you may want to further invest in the future of our cybersecurity workforce? Then consider mentoring!

Check-out "Why Mentoring is Meaningful," with John Donohue, Associate Vice President, Corp. IS Penn Medicine.

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