Career Midlife— It’s More Exciting than it Sounds

Jul 10, 2019

Career Midlife— It’s More Exciting than it Sounds

with Colleen Lennox, Founder & President, Ashling Team

You’ve heard of the midlife crisis, but what’s the “career midlife” all about?

Think back to when you were fresh out of school with a world of opportunities ahead. You land your first “real” job and begin to climb the corporate ladder. It’s an exciting ascent with new challenges and roles and, better yet, more money.


Then, you hit your 40s (whomp, whomp!). You discover senior roles are fewer and further between. And although you have many years until retirement, you’re already counting-down the days. Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? Well, welcome to your “career midlife," it's time for a CHANGE!


A recruiter for over 30 years, Colleen Lennox, founder and president of Ashling Team—a cybersecurity recruiting firm and community— has seen this scenario play-out repeatedly.  The mid-career conundrum has burdened colleagues, friends and even Lennox herself.

“After many successful years of working, I arrived at my career midlife,” says Lennox. “I honestly had no idea what I was capable of doing anymore and it was a really scary feeling. I did many things during my career, but which one did I love, and which could I see myself doing for the next 20 years?”

“After some soul searching, I concluded that what I loved the most about my career was being a recruiter,” continues Lennox.  “I’m passionate about helping people find great jobs. And I thoroughly enjoy working with people throughout the hiring process— even those with whom I’m not formerly partnered,” she explains. “I love building relationships and making new friends along the way.”

“Ultimately, my career midlife gave life to Ashling Team, and I have never felt more fulfilled,” exclaims Lennox. “My career is now about me and not the end game.”

Career midlife doesn’t sound so bad now... does it?


Lennox recommends if you find yourself struggling with your career midlife, STOP and reevaluate. “Think about what makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. And forget titles and vacation days. If you do what you love to do (again!), then new opportunities will innately unfold,” says Lennox.


If you're interested in career coaching, or a new cybersecurity job opportunity, contact Lennox at


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