Propel Your Path Upward: Leverage Your Online Profile

Jul 11, 2019

Ready for opportunity to knock?  The Ashling Team cybersecurity community is your key to unlocking career advancement.

Whether you’re actively looking for a new job or are patiently on the lookout for a specific opportunity— at a certain level or company— turn to Ashling Team for insight on strengthening your professional ‘might.’ From job hunt hacks and search strategies, to resume refinement and profile polish— we’ll regularly share tips to help you propel your professional path.


To achieve any goal, you put your best foot forward. Well, with a job search, you need to take it a step further and put your best online profile forth, too.  Ashling Team senior recruiter Olivia Byrne offers a trio of tips for refining and capitalizing on your online professional profiles.

  1. Be Upfront. Mark your profile: ‘interested or open to new opportunities.’

  2. Summarize Strategically. Improve the description of your most recent position(s) by incorporating industry specific keywords, including tools and skills, in the summary. And if there’s a ‘skills and expertise’ section, be sure to bullet the buzzwords in that field, too.

  3. Model Your Profile. Conduct an online search for current employees of companies that are of interest to you. Check-out their career paths and skill sets to evaluate how your experience and capabilities compare. Next, evaluate if/how the depth and breadth of your expertise would work for a comparable position within that organization. Then, tweak your profile (and resume) accordingly. 

Byrne advises utilizing your online professional profile to its fullest. “The information with which you populate your profile is from where the value is derived,” emphasizes Byrne. “Concise profiles detailed with the appropriate, relevant buzz words will allow recruiters and colleagues to broach opportunities with you that better align with your skillset and experience. This will save you time and aggravation and, ultimately, propel your career forward that much further, faster,” she adds.

If you’re ready for a new infosec job opportunity, or need help mapping-out your career path, contact Byrne at

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