When Success Calls: Signs You Rocked a Phone Interview

Jul 24, 2019

You’re a cybersecurity professional in pursuit of a new opportunity. Your resume and profile do their jobs and land you an interview… a phone interview. You diligently prepare for the call with the guidance of your recruiter, so you not only understand the job, but also the culture of the company. You even have an idea of ‘how’ the interviewer will approach the conversation and what will likely be covered.  You're feeling confident... that is until you actually have the call.

Regardless of how right you are for the job, or how thoughtfully you prepared, it can be challenging to discern just how well a phone interview ‘went.’ Afterall, you couldn’t see the interviewer’s expressions or body language.

Fortunately, Ashling Team knows a few signs that often indicate a phone interview for a cybersecurity job was successful:

  • The interviewer spoke more than you.
  • You adeptly answered all the technical questions (which are typically posed at the beginning of the call).
  • Rather than ‘talking around’ the answers to questions you didn’t know, you were forthright about not having a knowledge base and expressed interest in learning about and understanding the topic(s).
  • You actually provided an answer to the question: "What security-related hobbies or extracurricular activities do you engage in?" (a.k.a. "What are you doing in your basement?")
  • The dialogue felt natural and included something unrelated to the job, like a shared interest, such as volunteering, a team, hometown, etc.
  • The interviewer shared 'positives' about the company, its culture and its employees.
  • The call lasted longer than expected.
  • The interviewer was clear about next steps.

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