The 'What Is' Job Series

Jul 17, 2019

The field of cybersecurity is an intriguing, yet still somewhat ambiguous, realm that's growing faster than its pool of professionals.  As such, this rapidly evolving industry is regularly spurring new areas of expertise, jobs and career paths.  

So let's say you're already a few years in the biz doing security intelligence, how do you 'hack' the industry to discover advancement opportunities? And then what about the requisite experiences versus education and, in some cases, certifications?

Think outside the box, but within your mainframe. Beyond your co-workers and Slacker channels, there are robust resources within the niche of cybersecurity available to you. Indeed, we're talking a community of peers, seasoned professionals and trailblazers. 

A community like Ashling Team, which is a collaborative for innovative, creative cybersecurity professionals. Our unique forum offers colleague-to-colleague networking; mentoring; educational and professional development resources; industry and career insights; and more importantly, advancement opportunities (specific to your interests) via an interactive job board.

Ashling understands that broadening experience and advancing a career involves not only knowing about various cybersecurity positions, but also mapping and executing a growth plan. Your cybersecurity career resource, Ashling Team will help you align your advancement aspirations with opportunities.  

And of course, education is part of that process, so Ashling Team is pleased to share “What Is” features, each month to breakdown (Jeopardy-style!) what a specific cybersecurity job entails, the various titles often applied to that particular role, as well a synopsis of its stepping stones, potential career path and trajectory. 

That's right, The Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community will keep you in-the-know to help you grow professionally. Check-out our interactive job board and additional career coaching insight at

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