Profile Polish Tip #21: Sum it Up to Score

Jul 31, 2019

Profile Polish Tip #21: Sum it Up to Score


So, you want to be a contender for a new job? Then, ensure your game plan is solid.

The tactics you employ in your job hunt are imperative. Your record (a.k.a. resume) plays a vital role, but so does your professional profile. When hiring managers and recruiters are conducting online searches, your profile needs to turn up before it can turn heads!

To score with your profile, SUM IT UP!

Be concise in the description(s) of your most recent position(s). Incorporate industry- and role-specific keywords— from tools and programs, to skills and even operating systems— in the summary. And if there’s a ‘skills and/or expertise’ section, be sure to bullet cybersecurity specific buzzwords in that field, too.

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