The ‘Write’ Resume | Mitigate Your Risk of Being Overlooked

Aug 08, 2019

Accurately translating AND effectively communicating your technical experience in a resume can be more daunting than developing a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. And like a solid security plan, a well-written resume can mitigate your risk— in this case— of being overlooked.

Specializing exclusively in cybersecurity careers— from recruiting, to coaching— Ashling Team knows a resume needs to hit certain marks if it’s going to create a spark. Ashling Team advises going back to basics to craft (or edit) your resume the 'write' way:

  1. Make it look good. Create a visually appealing document that is well organized, includes headers, easy to read fonts (i.e. Calibri or Ariel) a balanced layout, and plenty of white space—don’t overcrowd a page. 
  2. Skip the objective. It’s passé and takes-up valuable real estate.
  3. Get to the point. Bullet points are easier to read and more concisely convey information.
  4. Sum it up. Below your name, in two-three sentences, define who you are professionally and highlight the breadth of your experiences.
  5. Concentrate on your core. Emphasize core competencies, including key skills, programming languages, and soft skills in a concise summary or bulleted list.
  6. Say it with impact. Starting with your current position, list your jobs along with the impact you had on projects, teams and, ultimately, the company.
  7. Prioritize your info. Unless you just graduated, educational experiences should appear at the end.

Finally, Set Your Sights on Success. Have someone, anyone, proofread your resume. If you’re not collaborating with a recruiter, tap-in to a professional peer community, like the cybersecurity community. Fresh eyes and spellcheck are invaluable tools. You’re promoting your expertise, so your resume should exude professionalism.

For more job hunt hacks and search strategies, check-out the collection of Ashling Articles on

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