What is a Platform Architect?

Aug 23, 2019

An Ashling Team "What Is" Feature: Platform Architect 

a.k.a.: IT Infrastructure Engineer, Network Operations Manager, Senior Systems Engineer/Project Manager 

About: An architect is typically charged with concepting, creating and supporting a company’s platform, as well as managing its growth, and ensuring its scalability. Platform stability and security also fall under this professional’s prevue.

Popular Certifications: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, an ITIL Master Certificate, CTA, CCA, and CISSP.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related discipline. A MS or MBA is highly desirable.

Stepping Stone Jobs: Systems Administrator, Desktop Engineer, Network Administrator, Infrastructure Security Analyst, Computer Programmer, and Systems Developer.

Springboard Areas of Expertise: Senior-level experience with network IT infrastructure and desktop systems administration and analysis. Designing and implementing Microsoft technologies, and setting-up, maintaining and troubleshooting computer applications.

Most Sought-After Skill Sets: Knowledge of desktop management systems, packaging and scripting, and development/deployment systems along with enterprise-wide deployment solutions. Desktop security, including patch management, virus protection, and encryption methodologies, as well as asset management and overall systems life-cycle management. Microsoft Sequel Server (MySQL). Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Management (SCCM). Experience with NIST and ISO.

LATERAL Growth Opportunities: Infrastructure Engineer, IT Project Manager, Systems Integration Specialist, and Senior Systems Engineer.

VERTICAL Growth Opportunities: Managing Director of Network Operations, Lead Platform Architect, Solutions Consultant, CIO, CTO and CISO.

Ashling Team InsightIf your sights are set on platform architecture, then ensure you have experience with desktop security— specifically patch management and encryption methodologies.

Having a working knowledge of network and infrastructure security, paired with hands-on experience as a systems administrator or analyst, will also help to differentiate you.

And Ashling Team knows that companies hiring a Platform Architect are often interested in professionals who express interest in leading and mentoring a team. Pending the opportunity, we have also seen that experience with cloud implementation and a working knowledge of virtualization tools have becoming increasingly valuable and, subsequently desireable capabilities, too.

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