Why a Community?

Aug 21, 2019

"Community is important, especially for entrepreneurs," says XPRIZE Foundation chairman and CEO Peter Diamandis. “To be inventive, to make a difference in the world, one needs a support network that will embrace and explore crazy ideas.”

As a novel network of cybersecurity professionals that exists to engage, support and inspire one another, Ashling Team knows the 'why' behind community is power and influence. Bound by a common interest, inspiration, or cause, communities are built from shared strength and can effect great change. 

Members of the Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community serve as mentors, collaborators and champions for one another-- supporting individual professional goals along with the shared goal of creating a more secure internet. Together, Ashling's members cultivate professional relationships and foster fulfilling professional lives that also, ultimately, help protect our nation, our world, against cyber threats.  

Read Diamandis' full LinkedIn article regarding 'The Power of Community' Here.

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