A Shared Interest, to Sharing Support: Your Community

Aug 28, 2019

Testing, 1-2-3, testing. Is this thing on?

We’ve got a hot mic and we’re ready to share. Are you? 

As a member of a community, you want to know your neighbors— from who they are and what they do for a living, to who's living with them and if they throw wild parties, right? Curiosity is human nature, and naturally, it applies to both our personal and professional lives.

One of the upsides of building a community like Ashling Team Cybersecurity is… (drum roll, please) you, our members. It’s your experiences, your perspectives, your ideas that foster the expansion of and, subsequently, the success of the community.

And this success is impacted by community member engagement. The more helpful and rewarding your experience is, the more beneficial and rewarding the experience will be for other members.  

All that said, let’s get on to the ‘getting to know you part.’ Each of us may be a here in the AT Community for a different reason, but we obviously have a shared interest: cybersecurity. In fact, we likely also share experiences, apsirations and motivators. But we won’t know that until we start sharing by posting, commenting, liking and... completing our profiles. And no profile is complete without a photo, so uploading your headshot is a-must!

Here in the Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community, you’re invited to share as much about yourself in your bio as you 'd like. And, you're also welcome to share professional news, excerpts from presentations you’re preparing (we make a great test audience!), as well as insights, aspirations and experiences related to your career and this ever-changing industry.

Now upload that headshot. Add how your career started to your bio. Like posts and ask questions. Good 'neighbors' are also always at-the-ready when you need something. So if you're curious about a certain certification, looking to connect with someone at Hacker Summer Camp, or considering a job change— just ask your community (via the Live Feed). 

Work It, Your Network. Your Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community.

And, if you’re interested in writing a guest article about breaking-in to cyber, the path you’ve chosen or the various directions (planned and unexpected) it’s taken, or how your network has impacted your professional life, please let us know (just post in the Feed or DM Candice Ryan)!

Remember, in a community it’s relationships and participation (a.k.a networking!) that make a difference. You need to work it. The more you put in to your Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community, the more you’ll get out of it.

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