Championing Women in Cybersecurity

Sep 03, 2019

International Women in Cyber Day | Join Ashling Team in Supporting the Mission

Kicking-off September, International Women in Cyber Day (IWCD) reminds us that we need to continue to encourage and empower girls and women to pursue STEM in school. However, this mission doesn’t stop with education. Parents, schools, businesses and industry professionals need to help create more opportunities for women at every age in the fields of information security and information technology.

That’s why Ashling Team, a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), is committed to serving as a career resource and community for cybersecurity professionals, including women, veterans and students.

Ashling is certified as a WBE through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the United States.

Ashling Team is proud to be certified as a WBE and to collaborate with women on career development. “Receiving recognition from peers who have experienced similar challenges and successes has tremendous meaning,” says founder and president Colleen Lennox. As such, Ashling is dedicated to facilitating the realization of opportunities for women and other underrepresented groups in the industry through its professional network, the Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community. “We have an intimate appreciation for what’s invested and the significance of what’s achieved throughout a woman’s professional life,” adds Lennox.

As a collaborative forum for information security specialists to enhance and advance their careers, Ashling believes it is imperative to collectively celebrate accomplishments. “Members of the Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community offer unmitigated support as colleagues, as mentors and as friends to each person striving to realize her or his potential in this industry,” Lennox explains.  

"We appreciate the differences that make each person unique.” 

-- Colleen Lennox, Founder and President of Ashling Team

Therefore, Ashling values and supports the commitment to supplier diversity that more corporations nationwide are embracing. That said, with a membership comprised of cybersecurity experts from across the Nation, and talent placement professionals who specialize exclusively in cybersecurity careers, the Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community can also help organizations add diversity to their supply chains.

Join Ashling to champion more diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity industry by signing the International Women in Cyber Day Petition. And as we collaborate to empower girls and women to pursue careers in cybersecurity, consider what you and/or your organization can do to create more opportunities, like internships, mentorships and jobs, for every person aspiring to work in cyber. 

It will only be through the realization of more dreams and the facilitation of more opportunities that the cybersecurity workforce will become more diverse, inclusive and, thereby, strong enough (and large enough) to protect our Nation’s security.

For information about professionals in the Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community who may fill your organization's specific cybersecurity needs and culture, or to review career opportunities available through the community, visit  

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