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Sep 24, 2019

Autumn has arrived, so the Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community recommends falling into the habit of regularly updating your online professional profile.

We said regularly update— meaning frequently, consistently— not just when you complete a new certification or are having an “I’m-out-of-here” kind of day.

Like a garden, your profile needs to be maintained and reflect growth. So, when it’s time to harvest new job opportunities, your bounty of interviews (and offers!) will be plentiful.  And although we’re making this sound easy, we know it’s easier not to do it.

That’s why, Ashling Team is offering these five suggestions to help you turn over a new leaf when it comes to keeping your profile fresh:

  1. Set a calendar reminder. Although monthly updates are ideal, be realistic and schedule 15 minutes each quarter. Or, go with the first day of each new season.
  2. Save to-do lists. Large successes are easy to remember, but what about all the smaller projects, landed contracts and new deals in between? To-dos become accomplishments, so copy and paste completed actions in your calendar. Or, if you handwrite lists, take a picture with your phone. And if you have time, make note of each achievement’s impact.
  3. Keep it quiet. Don’t broadcast profile maintenance. Unless you’re actively seeking a new opportunity, ensure your privacy settings aren’t set to share profile edits. If you’re updating as frequently as you should, then notifications to connections will become pesky as opposed to prudent and, subsequently, send the wrong message.
  4. Set a realistic routine. If editing your profile every quarter isn’t a reality, then ensure you’re at least revising the experience section every six months. This way, you’ll remain on recruiters’ radars. Good opportunities have a way of finding people even when they’re not looking (so don’t risk being missed!).
  5. Be forward. As you complete projects, ask colleagues and managers to provide accolades in a profile recommendation. The role you played and what you helped the compnay achieve will be fresh in their minds. As such, it'll be easier for them to share more detailed endorsements, which is more beneficial to you!

And we all know 'we reap what we sow.' As the field of cybersecurity rapidly grows, so are your experiences and skill sets. Updating your professional profile on an ongoing basis will also make starting an active job search less overwhelming when the time comes.

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