Hit 'em With Your Best Shot | Profile Polish Tip #20

Oct 04, 2019

Tip #20: Hit 'em With Your Best Shot

That's right, upload a 'revealing,' yet appropriate, headshot to your online professional profile.

When you meet someone in-person, obviously you see what she/he looks like. So face it, you don't want to skip the profile pic when you're trying to meet and connect with people online. 

Unsure what qualifies as an appropriate photo for your professional profile?

Survey the scene to see what types of pics others (in your field) are posting to their professional profiles. Typically, a photo from the shoulders up that shows your entire face-- with a kind expression-- and has good lighting meets the bill. If possible though, also add a 'header' image, to complement your headshot, that reveals or reflects what you do professionally. 

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