Smarter By the Dozen | 12 Common Cybersecurity Interview Questions

Oct 21, 2019

No matter how qualified you are for a job to which you're applying or how many interviews you've been on, the process can be a bit nerve-wracking. However, preparation and practice can go a long way in easing anxiety and ensuring success. And the more you know, the further you'll go!

So how do you prepare for a cybersecurity job interview?

After you conduct online research, talk with peers and tap-in to mentors and fellow community members in the Ashling Team Cybersecurity Community for interview insight. And, be sure to collaborate with your recruiting partner throughout the process as well.

To take your prep a step further though, Ashling Team-- your cybersecurity career resouce-- has pulled together one dozen commonly posed cybersecurity interview questions for associate and intermediate-level positions. Of course, questions will vary between companies and roles, but these are great springboard questions.

  1. What policies and procedures have you engineered against (NIST, HIPAA, etc.)? Did you personally design those policies and procedures?
  2. What type of anomalies do you look for in order to identify a compromised system?
  3. What is the difference between threat, vulnerability, and risk?
  4. What is the difference between process, guidelines and policies?
  5. Do you know how to set-up a Firewall?
  6. How can you prevent a MITM attack?
  7. Can you discuss in what type of cases SSL and TLS are used and how?
  8. What can you explain about IPS and IDS?
  9. Can you talk through CSRF and security misconfiguration?
  10. What are you doing in your basement (a.k.a. home lab)?
  11. How do you stay current regarding cybersecurity news?
  12. To what professional associations, including communities, do you belong?

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