Level Up Your Job Search

Nov 01, 2019

You're ready to take your career to new heights. To level-up, you need the low-down on how to advance your cybersecurity job search. Ashling Team offers the following strategies:

1. Focus your search. Start by listing the top three things that your dream job would include. Consider your ideal work environment, skill set, and areas of interest, and research a few organizations in your target location that could be the right next step to forward your path.

2. Alert your network. Touch base with your connections and your go-to professionals (and friends) for insight and to inquire about potential job opportunities.

Pro-tip: Most positions are available long before they’re advertised. A connection may be able to provide advance notice, make an introduction, or help secure an interview, so tap-in to your community.

3. Update, update, update. Ensure your resume and online profiles are updated to highlight experience that positions you accordingly, as well as the skillset(s) you'd like to utilize in your next role. Doing so will help recruiters and hiring managers find you for positions that accurately align with your goals. 

4. Team-up with an industry-specific recruiter. Collaborate with a recruiter with whom you’re comfortable and who works at an established firm that’s exclusive to cybersecurity. Specifically, in infosec., it’s beneficial to have a long-term recruiting partner who knows your background, understands your aspirations, and stays in touch and involved as you chart your course to move on and up.

Visit AshlingTeam.com for a variety of cybersecurity career opportunities, at all levels, across a myriad of industries.

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