Profile Polish Tip #24: Invest Maximum Effort

Nov 04, 2019

Maximize Your Profile's Potential by Investing Maximum Effort

If you want to get in to a certain company for an interview, then you need to ensure what an employer or recruiter can get out of your profile is the right information.

So do whatever it takes and invest time to create a robust profile that not only chronicles your career path, but also highlights the value and successes you've brought to each opportunity, team and organization. Don't leave sections unpopulated. And, don't undervalue endorsements, connections, and an active online presence.  

A potential employer or recruiter can only extract from your profile what you actually include. Your path, skills and experiences should never be inferred. People won't connect the dots. And recruiting programs can't search skills, titles, certifications or buzz words that aren't included in your profile. Investing maximum effort to populate your profile with complete, well thought-out information will help ensure you're approached with opportunities that better align with your career path and aspirations.

Sure, this is a time-consuming process and considering the nature of an online profile, it's never truly complete. However, it's one of the most integral tools you have at your disposal during the job hunt. And let's be honest-- you, like everyone else, is always hunting.  We're all open to the 'right' opportunity. 

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